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About Suzy.B

“When words are not enough to tell what’s inside of me, I create art.

Hi! I am Suzy.B and my art journey started in 2002 with an urge to create silk paintings that would lock scenes and landmarks from Lebanon in frames filled with colors, gold lining and a lot of childhood memories from a wounded country, instilling hope for a kinder tomorrow.

Over the years, my passion for silk painting grew to limitless expressions on more than one medium, style or concept, and yet, I dare not call myself an artist.

Because the world likes labelling us, I identify as a self-taught artist, but in fact, I am merely an eternal learner and an unquenched admirer of beauty, with an imagination deeply rooted in past pains and one that will always believe in dreamology…”.

Suzy.B is a young Dubai-based brand for handmade wall art and functional artworks. Inspired by the region’s traditions, language, symbols and motifs, Suzy.B’s creations are expressed on silk, wood, metal, porcelain and other media and are ideal as gifts or souvenirs, adding a touch of nostalgia to your living space.

Procured mostly from sustainable and responsible sources, most of the artworks appeal to the environmentally conscious art enthusiasts.